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Do I need to register a key / card to the Pre-Payment meter before getting debt clearance?
Will I be charged "Standing Charge" on a vacant property?
Useful Ovo Energy Phone Numbers
100% Green Energy
Ovo Energy key collect service for meter exchanges
What to do when you receive a code for debt clearance
How is the data used and how does it affect GDPR?
I have used the Gas clearance code (RTI) but it has not cleared the full debt
Does it matter where I collect my Gas debt clearance from?
Does booking a meter exchange affect a Gas debt clearance request?
Does a Change of Tenancy interfere with Gas debt clearance?
Will a Gas debt clearance card affect the meter?
Why has my Gas debt clearance failed?
Does a Change of Supply date affect when a Gas RTI can be issued?
What do I do with the Gas card I have for debt clearance?
Is my Gas debt clearance code still valid?
How long does a Gas RTI code last?
How many digits does an Electric RTI have?
Landlord decision to stop service
How many digits does a Gas RTI have?
What does the Landlord receive from Helpthemove?
Always add a Move Out before a Move In.
How long will it take to switch the energy supply to a property?
The two day rule. We can only request to switch the energy supply when the property becomes vacant.
It's important to provide accurate & complete information
Changes of circumstance. Extended tenancies. You must let us know.
Getting it wrong. Can I change it? Can I cancel it?
The importance of entering Move In details.
Meter readings & serial numbers. Why our energy partner need these for accurate billing.